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About Voxus Communication LLC

Image ContentVoxus Telecommunications LLC, founded in 2010, is an established and leading international provider of products and services in the telecommunications business. Being a pioneer leader in the US telecommunication market and a leading alternative telecom operator, Voxus offers telecommunications products and services via its enhanced and powerful switches along, and a chain of major telecom distributors. Voxus became a pioneer and first carrier into the telecommunications market and enjoys a strong reputation as the best-quality provider of telecommunications services. The Company’s market leader  gains control over thousands of important distribution channels for Voxus products. In addition, Voxus also offers quality carrier-services to the leading telecommunications companies , ensuring cost effective quality services. Voxus  is an international supplier of telecommunications products and solutions and a leader managing customized telecom platform. Best known for its switching systems which enable small companies to route calls, and provide a high end quality products to their consumer.
Voxus mission is to be a world leader in creating communications solutions that provide exceptional value to its customers. Our leadership strategy is centered on advancing people-to-people communications in an open, distributed and standards-based environment.